3 Sizes Of Colorful Tribal Lisu Yellow Pillow's


3 Sizes Of Colorful Tribal Lisu Yellow Pillow's

Bright colorful Lisu tribal pillows or cushions. Brilliant yellow natural cotton trimmed with the distinctive Lisu tribes rainbow applique.
Tiny pieces of colorful cloth, each one folded and sewn together for a kaleidoscope of colors. (See the last photo of the Lisu woman creating a chain of cloth pieces). Pile them up mix and match colors shapes and sizes, brighten up your space with a style that is uniquely yours.

All are made with brilliant yellow natural cotton accented with Lisu applique in a rainbow of bright colors, bordered in royal blue.
Each has a covered horizontal zipper on the solid colored back.

Super sized 30" /76.2 cm floor pillow with 3 diagonal stripes of Lisu applique. Big enough to throw your body across
XL 24"/61 cm square pillow with 2 bold vertical stripes of Lisu applique.
12" x 20"/30 x 50 cm Lumbar pillow with 1 horizontal stripe of Lisu applique

Washable in cold water

Made from Lisu tribal textiles

Siamese Dream Design - Dedicated to individuality, committed to sustainability, trading fairly and driven by passion. Original ethnic textiles reborn into modern fashion and home decor.
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