Isadora Boho Womens Gladiator Sandals In Teal Hmong Embroidery

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Isadora Boho Womens Gladiator Sandals In Teal Hmong Embroidery

US 8 1/2 / EU 39 | Hmong | teal
The Isadora Vegan Gladiator Sandals In bright Teal Hmong embroidery. Colorful and Comfortable.

A fresh new twist on the traditional gladiator sandal in beautiful Hmong colorful embroidered ethnic fabric.

Absolutely beautiful, positively unique.

Hmong embroidered cotton uppers
Rubber sole
5" (13 cm) zip up heel back
Heel 3/4" (1.9 cm)
Front sole 1/2" (1.2 cm)
Black cotton insole
Fabric patterns vary slightly

Created with re-purposed Hmong textiles

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The Hmong are an ancient tribe of mountain people who migrated from China in the mid 19th century in search of freedom and a land of their own. Many of the Hmong migrated to the mountainous regions of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The word Hmong means “free”.

Creating indigo batik

In Hmong culture, textile knowledge and skills are passed down from mother to daughter and has been for centuries. Girls begin by learning how to embroider. After demonstrating competence in this art, they moved on to applique. Only after they had mastered both these skills would their mother teach them the art of batik.
The indigo plant leaves (indigiferna tinctoria ) are gathered and placed in buckets or bins, weighed down with rocks and covered with water to ferment and release the color. The plants are then removed and used for fertilizer. Beaten to oxidize it, the water changes from murky green to peacock blue to a frothy navy color. After the indigo paste settles to the bottom of the bin, the water is carefully removed from the top and the paste is then collected by pouring it over mesh and then though a fine cotton cloth.
Wax is melted in a small pot over a charcoal fire. A carved block or stylus type pen is dipped into the wax and the pattern is then applied to the cotton or hemp. This process is repeated until the desired pattern is complete. The fabric is then submersed into a bucket of indigo dye to take on that distinctive Hmong blue color. The fabric may be left in the dye for a day and then left out in the sun to dry for a day. Then the process is repeated until the desired depth of blue is achieved. Great care needs to be taken that the wax does not melt, and cause the design to be lost in the heat of the sun. After the final dye, the fabric is then be placed in boiling water to melt off the wax. This reveals the white color, or original color of the material, before the dye.
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